As part of this collection, Kenn addresses, life, love, common sense, manners, morals, values, and beliefs, with a sprinkling of his own thoughts and opinions. Some of the entries are humorous, while others are more serious and thought-provoking. Things I Wanted My Grandson to Know Before I Leave offers a heartwarming glimpse into the character and integrity of one man and into the depth of his love for his grandson.

1.” Worry is like riding a rocking┬áhorse; it passes time but doesn’t take you anywhere.”

2. “Learn to say ‘ Thanks, Honey, that’s just the way I like it, even when the yolks are hard and the biscuits burnt.”

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Written by a loving grandfather for his only grandchild, Things I Wanted My Grandson to Know Before I Leave presents a collection of quotes, sayings, snippets, and observations that author Kenn Stobbe believes helped him to live a successful, God-centered life.

1. “Backin’ down ain’t always the opposite of backin’ up. And when it’s not, it often requires humility and courage.”

“You can never tell which direction a frog will jump by the┬ásize of its feet.”

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Kenn Stobbe has always admired the cowboy way of life-simple, hardworking, and honest. He and his wife, Jan, make their home in ranching country northwest of Burwell, Nebraska, in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills.

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