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Things I Wanted my Grandsons to Know Before I Leave

Written by a loving grandfather for his grandsons, both books present a collection of quotes, sayings, snippets, and observations that author Kenn Stobbe believes helped him live a successful, God-centered life.

Things I Wanted my Grandson to Know Before I Leave

As part of this collection, Kenn addresses life, love, common sense, manners, morals, values, and beliefs, with a sprinkling of his own thoughts and opinions. Some of the entries are humorous, while others are more serious and thought-provoking.

Things I Wanted my Grandson to Know Before I leave and Things I wanted My Grandsons to Know Before I leave, both offer a heartwarming glimpse into the character and integrity of one man and into the depth of his love for his grandsons.

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Book of Truisms in Life

This book of truisms in life is an excellent read. I have gone back and reread it on several occasions and smile each time. I bought four more copies to give to friends so they can enjoy it as well.”

Things I wanted My Grandsons to Know Before I Leave

Seasoned With Godly Counsel

“This was recommended by a friend. It is filled with lots of good advice for livin’. Told with humor that only could come from an old cowboy who has experienced life. It is seasoned with Godly counsel and good country common sense.

Things I wanted My Grandson to Know Before I Leave

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When I was in high school, I became entertained by reading old sayings and quotations, and I tried to remember and apply them to my own life as situations arose. Soon my interest blossomed into a hobby and I had to start writing them down rather than forget them. Some I read, others were told to me by friends and loved ones, and others were my own thoughts.

Many made me laugh and many brought tears to my eyes, but all made me think. As the years passed, the list grew and grew and I believe my library of old sayings, quotations, snippets, lessons, beliefs, and observations helped make me who I am today.

Now, I'm a proud "Papa" to two wonderful grandsons - the two sons I never had.

I know that I’m in the winter of my life and may not be around to share these life lessons with them as they grow up.
That’s why I wrote these books – to help my grandsons live a life of love, common sense, morals, and values, even when I leave.


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